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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1.               All the details and pictures for reference only,all are subject to the real project


2.                 Delivery Method

 - Allthe orders will be delivered to the address of the order by SF EXPRESS

- After the payment of order is successfullycompleted, delivery will be finished within 7 working days according to thedelivery address and payment time. The delivery time is calculated on workingdays (Monday to Friday). Saturday, Sunday and public holidays are not included.

- All the orders are successfully createdand paid before 24:00 every day, the fastest delivery time will be on thefollowing day (Monday to Friday). (The order after 24:00 will be delivered the next working day).

- The actual delivery depends on the stockof the goods. Please review the email notification.

- The customer must fill in a valid mobilephone number when placing the order, so that can receive the SMS or email or telephonenotification, and help to pick up the parcel successfully.

- After selecting the relevant deliveryservice during the order confirmation, system will prompt you to choose the wayof delivery and the relevant delivery charge standard.

- If the delivery address is different fromthe actual address, the delivery is not successul, and the goods will be returned. Inthis case, we will not be able to return the delivery fee, but it does notaffect the refund of the purchase order.

- The express personnel only provide thedelivery service. If you have any problems with the products, please contactthe RB customer service directly. The express personnel can't return the goodsfor you.


A.    We provide  SF Service Nodes delivery. The delivery area is limited to Hong Kong, Kowloon, NewTerritories or Outlying Islands. The purchase order is HK$1,000 or more can be free of freight.

• After the parcel arrive at the designatedlocation, SF EXPRESS will send a message notification to the recipient.

   Customers should pick up the parcel within3 days after the notification message is sent out by Service Nodes, and theoverdue parcel will be returned to SF EXPRESS. Customers call the SF customerservice hotline for rearrangement.

i.   Pick up at SF Station/ Express Service Centre

  Please check the recipients' identity information, when customers pick up parcel at SF station

ii. Pickup at EF Locker

• When the order is delivered to the SFLocker, SF EXPRESS will send you the code by SMS. Please go to the lockerwithin 48 hours after revived the message to enter the password to pick theparcel.


1.   SelectPick upin the main page.

2.   Enter the 6 digitnumber code and then pressPick up.

3.   The SF Clockerwill open automatically, and you can get the parcel.

4.   When the door isclosed, the main page will show pick up successfully.

B.   We offer SF deliver to door service. Thedelivery area is currently restricted to Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and NewTerritories, except for designated areas. The purchase of HK$1,000 or more can be free of freight.


i. We are now offering restricted timedelivery to the following areas (except public holidays):

(I) Ma Wan, (II) Discovery Bay, (III) TungChung District.

(I) Ma Wan designated delivery time: everyTuesday, Thursday, Saturday (12:00 - 16:00)

(II) Discovery Bay delivery time: everyTuesday, Thursday, Saturday (12:00 - 16:00);

(III) The designated delivery time forTung Chung: every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (16:00 - 22:30).

We can't deliver to the following areasnow.

(I) Outlying Islands district (LantauIsland, airport, Expo, Disney, Lamma Island, Cheung Chau and Ping Chau).

When the parcel is delivered to thedesignated location, SF EXPRESS will notify the recipient by phone.

If you fail to receive message within a week or want to follow up thestatus of the parcel , please enter the tracking number for enquiry (http://bit.ly/1hBLhb0)or call the SF service hotline 27300273 (1 and then 7 after being connected)(only for SF Station / Express Service Center / SF Locker), or call the SF+ customer service hotline 21212211 ( Afterswitching on, press 2 and then 1) ( only forSF+SF+ temporarily does not support followingtracking number on line)

3.       Attentions:

• When the customer receives the goods,please check the completeness of the goods. If there is any problem, customerscan return the goods within 7 days after receipt of the goods, otherwise wecan't accept any return.

• All goods are required to be returned withthe original package and original card label. No refund will be made if thegoods have been damaged and modified.


4.                Privacy Policy

• Kimbo will not collect any personal identifiable information of you(your name, address, phone number, or email address) , unless you offer it tous voluntarily.

    When you provide us with your personal identifiable information, we mayask if you want to receive our letters in the future, such as newsletters,e-mail, or other information. If you do not want to receive our information,you may choose not to accept this information.

    If you donot want your personal identifiable information to be collected, please do notprovide it to us. If you have provided us with this information and hope thatwe delete this information from our records, please email tocustomerservice@kimbo.com.hk.

•  In additionto providing you with the services or information you are required to provide,your personal identifiable information may also be used to help us track howyou use our website and our products. We may also combine the information youprovide with the information we collect separately, including information youprovide to other organizations (with information that you allow to share) andpublic information, and the use of such information to extend Kimbo's productsand services to you.

All this information will help us to design better products, websitesand advertisements. For that, we may share your information with othercompanies that work for us. These companies have agreed to use your informationonly in the way we tell them and will protect your information in accordancewith established procedures.

Return arrangement

Return conditions:

•The received goods are not in conformitywith the goods listed in the order.

 Damage, defects and quality problemsgoods


After receiving goods, please check thecompleteness of the goods and retain the documents or orders for the record. Ifthere is any problem, you can return the goods within 7 days after receivinggoods and will not accept it after the deadline.

All goods are required to be returned withthe original package and original card label. No refund will be made if thegoods have been damaged and modified.

Return process:

Please take a clear picture of theproblems of goods with the order number and the number of goods email to theKimbo customer service department (customerservice@kimbo.com.hk) to apply forthe return. please note that email subject title as "Kimbo flagshipstore" to ensure the smooth return process. When we confirm your returnconditions, you will receive a reply confirmation email together with a set ofreturn numbers before you can return the goods to us. After successfullyreturning the goods, we will arrange a refund according to system. Generally,you will return your payment to your account within 14 working days.

Contact with whom

• If you have provided personal identifiable information through a website or interactive advertising of Kimbo or other medias, and want to delete this information from our records, please email to customerservice@kimbo.com.hk.


Kimbo International Holdings Limited has the right to change the terms and conditions and will not be notified further. If there is any dispute, our company reserves the right of final decision.